How Parents Can Make Extra Money for The Holidays

For many parents trying to make their household budget stretch to cover holiday foods, holiday decorations, and presents for the kids and the family and friends is a real challenge. Parents who are just getting by and want to be able to get through the holidays without having to worry about money can pick up some extra holiday cash without taking on a second job and without having to give up too much of their time with their family. There are lots of ways that parents can make some extra holiday cash starting in November and running right up until Christmas. Here are some of the best ways for parents to get the extra money they need to get their kids all the holiday gifts that they want and still have enough money for those holiday decorations and holiday treats:

Etsy Shop

Parents who are crafty can open an Etsy shop to sell their crafts. At Christmas time the online shopping base is huge and Etsy has a lot of built-in traffic. You can open a store in under half an hour. Christmas cards and small holiday crafts usually sell well as gifts so get making those scarves, cards, pet toys, and other items and start selling. Some sellers make thousands of dollars in the month or so before Christmas.

Sell Baked Goods and Treats

Do you have a recipe for a holiday cookie that is amazing? Can you make fantastic cupcakes, lollipop, and other treats? You can sell your holiday treats locally on Facebook and on social media or through local shops and venues. You can even pick one night of the week when you will be home and have customers come by your home to pick up their orders to make it more convenient for you. Spend one or two nights a week baking and you could end up making a nice chunk of money to pay for all those extra holiday gifts.

Seasonal Customer Service

This time of the year stores is struggling to fill their customer service positions that are seasonal. And many stores now offer work at home customer service jobs that you can do in the evenings or in the mornings when you’re not at work. These seasonal jobs are a fantastic way for stay at home parents to make extra cash while the kids are at school. Williams Sonoma and other high-end retailers pay customer service associates $12 an hour or more to take holiday orders over the phone and process returns. You can work as many hours as you’d like so you can make enough money sitting at home on the phone to pay for all those expensive gifts that your kids won’t like the new iPad or a new console gaming system.

Most seasonal jobs run through the first or second week in January processing returns so you might even be able to make enough money to start setting money aside for next Christmas.

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