Top 5 Most Visited Sites in the United States and What it Means for your Website

Sometimes, there are sites that rule the internet and somehow have a monopoly of a certain brand or service. It’s undeniable that the USA created what we call the internet and their mastery over it comes from years of perfecting the technology.

With a population of 325 million people and an internet reach of almost 80% of the population, at specific times of the day, at least 260 million people can surf the net. Such numbers would not be possible if not for the cyberinfrastructure that the US has. It’s the network that links servers all over the world where content is hosted and can be streamed to any US citizen. As such, their surfing habits are interesting and anyone who wants to reach those 260 million people, can learn a little bit to help improve their internet marketing.

Top 5 Popular Sites in the USA

Search Engine – Google

Back in the younger days of the internet, a search engine was unheard of.  With limited reach and relatively low number of web page masters, what we had were “web directories” or the phone books of the internet were the most visited sites in the United States. It wasn’t until search engines became popular like, Ask Jeeves, and However, none had the reach of The search engine worked so well and the easy to remember name plus minimalistic webpage certainly appealed to many. They’ve only improved as the years go by with advanced search and interconnectivity with Google accounts to a lot of services and websites.

Video Streaming – YouTube

YouTube is a recognizable name in most households. From viral cat videos to tutorials, the web streaming service appealed to many as they offered it for free. In fact, even professionals like doctors turn to YouTube to see if another doctor has uploaded a video of a specific procedure they need to learn. Anyone can create an account and channel and start posting videos immediately. Google acquired YouTube and has made the service better by allowing sharing to popular social media sites easily. You tube’s free service and user generated content certainly made it the king of video streaming.

Social Media – Facebook

Another recognizable brand and certainly a controversial one. It even had a movie made about it’s inception. Facebook back then share’s a similarity to a slumbook. It’s a notebook where you have pages that allow you to attach a picture, answer profile questions such as dreams, aspirations. Then you pass it around to friends who can read it and make their own profile page. A university would have an online version of the slumbook as “Facebook” that would be viewed only through the university LAN. It wasn’t until Mark Zuckerberg created a facebook for the world.  And the rest is history. Facebook has taken an old idea that was inclusive to a group of people and opened it up to the world.

Online Shopping – Amazon

One of the fiercest online shopping websites that still manages to land on top of the list. Amazon only got better with interconnectivity and ease with Alexa. The shopping site also improved delivery and found ways to deliver other products such as online streaming. Amazon also appeals to American culture by including holidays such as 4th of July sales, Black Friday, Christmas specials and even local celebrations. If you’re planning on creating a shopping site (Shopify or dropshipping) learn more about national and local holidays. It gives out promos or decks your website with holiday themes.

Veteran Behemoth – Yahoo

The oldest site among the top 5, Yahoo started out as a web page provider and web page directory. They cornered the market before by providing installation disks. That allowed you to create a free website within the Yahoo directory. They also started their own search engine for their web pages. Acquired several hosting sites and provided free email to everyone. Yahoo is like the newspaper on the internet.  When you visit the website, you immediately see political news, finance, and stock exchanges. Yahoo appeals to yuppies on Wallstreet with their financial insider articles. Even after several turbulent years, the website maintains it’s status as one of the most popular websites in the US compared to its contemporaries.

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